It’s time to experience chocolate, like never before.

Manufacturers of a timeless fantasy experience through cutting edge technology of the intelligent vending machine. A Monstrous Game Changer in the Chocolate & Quick Serve Daily Sweet Crave


See how it works

This is how the Pipester experience looks. Chocolate fantasy piped into a glass, onto a plate, or straight into a decadent tube, without any human intervention. And it’s to about pave the way to a retail revolution.

With an open plan so you can see every step of the process, as your treat is being made, right there inside the machine.

 - You get exactly what you want
 - The machine does the work

 - No cleanup or waste involved


Taste the magic

These are the kinds of chocolatey treats our machine is making – waffles, cakes and creams created before your eyes. Looks good, right?


Touch the dream

With a physical structure that allows for simple and rapid expansion, Pipester works perfectly in these places, and dozens more.

Plus, it has all the right elements built-in to attract customers and create tons of media attention.

  • It’s very visually compelling. Everyone will stop and watch.  They can’t help it!

  • It’s operating in a really hot category, the retail tech space, which is exploding these days

  • And then of course, the whole Pipester experience is perfect for pictures, which means people are going to be taking plenty of selfies at our stands – Instagram anyone?


Hear the vision

This is our dream. And it’s probably your dream too. The type of global business, every boy and girl all over the world knows.

Chocolate fantasy, created by thousands of small factories working 24/7, in inexpensive retail space, without any employees bogging them down – while generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue along the way.


Smell the success

The Pipester Chocolate Factory, as the metaphor goes – is the golden ticket, with all the ingredients for success. A true retail revolution and every chocolate lover’s dream, it uniquely combines the automated restaurant industry, an experience-oriented commodity, and delicious, always fresh chocolate treats.